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Dance in Health & Wellbeing programme

10 February 2018
















The Dance in Health & Wellbeing programme is a new initiative by One Dance UK in partnership with People Dancing that aims to strengthen the role that dance plays in improving health and wellbeing in the UK. Our vision is to support the dance sector to get more people active through dance and particularly improve the health and wellbeing of disadvantaged communities.


The UK has some of the poorest health in Europe with high levels of obesity and inactivity leading to diabetes, heart problems and long-term illnesses. All styles of dance can get people active, improve their mental health and connect people socially. We are keen to support the dance sector to make dance and its health benefits more accessible; particularly reaching people from disadvantaged communities, black and minority ethnic groups and those living with health problems or disabilities.  Many excellent dance programmes are already engaging inactive people and improving health and we will share promising practice, research findings and celebrate successes here.


We aim to support dance organisations and practitioners by building strong strategic partnerships, advocating for the benefits of dancing to health and strengthening the evidence through research. We are keen to share news and research so if you have examples of dance programmes improving health and wellbeing, particularly with research or evaluation please contact:

Primary Dance Lesson © Andrew Ford

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