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Major new opportunities for dance in schools

10 February 2018

The government have announced a further £160 million for the PE and School Sports Premium from 2017/18, which creates new funding opportunities for dance in primary schools. Primary schools will receive on average £16,000 per year to improve the quality of PE and to increase children’s physical activity through sports and dance.


Girls are less active than boys and dance is popular with girls; surveys show 41% of girls choose to dance outside of school. While some schools have an excellent dance offer many are not aware of the benefits of dance, which means children miss out. One Dance UK took part in a government roundtable on engaging girls in physical activity in 2016 and made the case for dance, which was well received.  Dance organisations and artists can help advocate for dance in schools too.


Department for Education guidance on PE and School Sports Premium can be found here,


Find out more about delivering dance through the PE and School Sport premium here

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